Margaret Galey and Marco Maisto

  • Feeling
  • Continental Drift
  • Painted Over

Margaret Galey

Margaret Galey is a painter and text artist. Her work lives at the intersection of photography and pure abstraction, utterance and interruption. Formerly the proprietor of Iowa Killed Buddy Holly, a distro for local and international zines in Iowa City, IA., her work enacts an ongoing  commitment to hybrid art and minor literature. She lives and works in New York City with her husband the poet Marco Maisto. Look for more of Margaret’s work and commissions at

Marco Maisto

Marco Maisto is a poet and text artist. His work is like a grainy video installation in which a man writes lines on the surface of a time bomb that explodes every morning and resets each night. He went to the Iowa Writer’s Workshop for an MFA in poetry. His most recent work has appeared in Drunken Boat and Small Po[r]tions. He is currently working a series of experiments about poetics and the minimalism of Richard Serra, Robert Smithson and the Park Place Group. Marco lives in NYC with his wife the painter Margaret Galey. Find out more at