Randall Horton


at 5 am, a throng of sunken eye sockets—the ones
tweaked, through a square window pane, emerge
who will save fanon’s wretched says a single man

five stories up in a small studio, the outside brutal
lamplight beaconing thirst for narcotic, for escape
the outlined spectacle muted below. for clarification,

no noise, a dead silent shuffle, no change ever. time
changes the narrative always. at dawn ten years later
a blind single man will speak lovingly of sight, recalling

as time permits gray haze over the city, lost humans
left erased, out of which sparked new narratives
& chaos birthing prisons. but in the glass pane

five stories up in a small studio, a single man awaits
glaucoma’s night blanket, & a witness to ruin
ten years later, voiceless voice on the corner, he will be—

Randall Horton

Randall Horton is the recipient of the Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Award, the Bea Gonzalez Poetry Award and most recently a National Endowment of the Arts Fellowship in Literature. Randall is a Cave Canem Fellow, a member of the Affrilachian Poets and a member of The Symphony: The House that Etheridge Built. Randall is Assistant Professor of English at the University of New Haven. An excerpt from his memoir titled Roxbury is published by Kattywompus Press. Triquarterly/Northwestern University Press is the publisher of his latest poetry collection, Pitch Dark Anarchy.