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Yael Kanarek is a media artist. She has been developing her project "World of Awe" for the past five years. "World of Awe" is based on a journal describing the adventures of a traveler in search of lost treasure. The latest version of the website was launched in July 2000. World of Awe versions 1995, 1997 and 2000 have been added to Rhizome's Artbase. Ms.Kanarek is a recipient of The Alternative Museum Digital Commission 2000, anartist-in-residence at Eyebeam Atelier and Harvestworks. She has been showing her online and offline work internationally. "World of Awe" has been included in festivals in Brazil, France, England, Germany and the USA.The "World of Awe" screen saver is available through "Refresh, the art ofthe screen saver" on artmuseum.net. Kanarek actively promotes media art through her entity treasure/crumbs (www.treasurecrumbs.com.) She curated an online gallery for the theglobe.com and facilitates The Upgrade! A monthly gathering of net.artists & curators hosted by Eyebeam Atelier. Kanarek is the instigator of "Verbal," a media-performances series. Most recently, "Verbal3: Call & Response" was sponsored by Thundergulch and took place at The Kitchen to a sold out audience. Kanarek teaches web design and production.