Victoria Lynne McCoy

Self-Portrait as Odysseus

                    after Rebecca Lindenberg


If there is wreck in me, let it be
             anchor and all. O you beautiful ones

with your jackal call. The steel trap of you
             in your meadow starred with flowers. You honey-

throated ghosts. Ripples in the windless hours.
             My Dead are waiting at the bottom.

Sing the bees free of me that I may listen. Sing
             the wound clean out of the skin. I come to you

lying down in my petal-thin excuses—
             you already know my name. Sing me soft-

boned. Sing me home. You, with the map
             of the unknown carved in your palms. Untie me

from grief’s tall mast. See how it’s made
             a gully of me. O you gods of relief, let the water in.

Victoria Lynne McCoy

Victoria Lynne McCoy holds an MFA in poetry from Sarah Lawrence College and a BA from the University of Redlands’ Johnston Center for Integrative Studies. Her work has appeared in The Paris-AmericanBest New Poets 2012Boxcar Poetry Review, and PANK, among others. Victoria lives in Brooklyn, where she is an associate curator of Page Meets Stage and Poetry Editor of Four Way Review