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Danger lurks in the soft thudding of chipmunk against tire, a chipmunk I never see
coming but pay for nonetheless. Floaters slip in the viscous and there is no swatting
them away. Answers on ophthalmology sites pulse unbidden FAQS to the side
of the screen asking:
                                                               What is

                                                                             Justin Bieber’s Cell Number 2011?

The new house, as though delivered to the wrong address, abuts white clapboard homes,
where wavy panes reflect history. Designs muscled through planning and zoning boards
distort the landscape like the intruder floating in my eye freely redacts imagery. Trending
outward, bound for knocking against

                                                                         What is

                                                    ZENDAYA COLEMAN’S NATIONALITY?

                                                                                  What is WWWSex? The Role of

                                                Youth in realizing the Dream of Dr. Kalam?

Repairs and Service, and with all of the above unknown, I check each exit for evidence
before opening the door. Only the tightening of my jaw resolves against parts wearing
thin, juxtaposed to the slow exhale of acceptance.

                                                     What is Justin

                                                                            Bieber’s cell number, FOR REAL?

Suzanne Levine

<em>Edit Poetry</em> Suzanne Levine

Suzanne Levine’s first poetry collection, Haberdasher’s Daughter (Antrim House, 2010), was a finalist for an Eric Hoffer Award. She has poems in Euphony, Bellingham Review, Stand Magazine (UK), Permafrost, Quiddity International Literary Journal, New Delta Review, California Quarterly, and many others. She holds an MFA from Vermont College and teaches the craft of memoir writing with her husband, writer Lary Bloom. She is co-founder of Writing at the Mark Twain House in Hartford, CT and Praiano Writers, a writers’ conference held in March on the Amalfi coast. Suzanne lives in Chester, CT.