Leonore Hildebrandt


since world appears
as light
through drapes
and other thresholds
they pour it all into a dish
like milk
and unawares
the door ajar
a clean-cut
sensibility slips in

since doors and windows
hinge in logic
and secure
they build a house
of playful aberration
they write in pencil
pass between them
cards and paper

since half-lives dissipate
and deeper cuts
the tell-tale body
bearing its abstraction
they work in octaves
interchanging keys
a solo for two hands

since elsewhere
twist and fall
dark-blistered leaves
they find themselves
a table by the window
the field outside
in raptured

since it is turned and open

Leonore Hildebrandt

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Leonore Hildebrandt has published poetry and translations in the Beloit Poetry Journal, Cerise Press, Denver Quarterly, and the Poetry Salzburg Review, among other journals. Her letterpress chapbook, The Work at Hand (2011) is available through Flat Bay Press, and a first book of poems, The Next Unknown, is forthcoming with Pecan Grove Press. A native of Germany, she teaches writing at the University of Maine and serves as an editor for the Beloit Poetry Journal. Her work has received support from the Elizabeth George Foundation, the Maine Arts Commission, and the Maine Community Foundation.