Gordon Massman




Misogynists and man-haters make the greatest lovers,
sex maniacs hammering partners in sticky sweat, ripped, 
grooved, defined, rock-hard iron-pumpers, sweat band, 
lipstick, glittery laces, sharp cruel faces, after narcissistic 
seduction wrathfully coupling in swank apartments 
secretly loathing each other, genitals blunt instruments, 
Dick despising mother vivisects lover with objectification, 
tight cunt, etc., while Prissy sucking cock fantasizes 
secreting acid, goddamn rapacious controlling bastards 
plowing flesh with serrated edges, making deals by 
cellphone, each compulsively wishes to exterminate 
the opposite gender which is why male-bashers and 
misogynists make the best lovers, precision, position,
technique, timing working bodies like Snap-on 
tools, the just-right fitting and grip, brilliant accuracy,
ball bearings floating in sealed encasement, master-
ful performance including the invidious climactic 
blather, man-haters beyond reproach with silicon 
tits, and irresistible misogynists with fascinating 
collections: immaculate complete sets in velvet-lined 
boxes, engraved, authenticated, or meticulously 
pinned under glass display case, superior, lethal, 
perfectionistic and sleek, deceptively gentle demeanor 
and empathetic expression, I remember particulars 
of my fabulous fascism, savoring domination with 
military exactness, my penis a shiv thrust into 
mother, stabbing and stabbing, her orgasmic squeal 
a capitulation, and they sectioning me like butcher’s 
meat-map, tenderloin, rib eye, New York Strip which 
with whetted blades they devoured like father, that 
incalculable monster, spittle and fist, unable to love 
women, before my heart burst like an overfilled 
bladder, and the incomprehensible metamorphosis.

Gordon Massman

<em>Edit Poetry</em> Gordon Massman

The New York Quarterly Press recently published Gordon Massman’s collection, 0.174: The Complete Numbers Cycle, and is scheduled to publish his book of love poems in Spring 2013. His work has appeared in journals throughout the U.S. and Canada.