Eugenia Leigh

Now Show Me Your Glory

We harm
our stunning bodies. We repent

every time. Forever climbing out
from our mud into your mess

of feathers and music, everything
ringing of angels,

we reek of borrowed lovers.
We shift toward you

if only to rinse our filth
                                    in glory.

Welcome us at your will.
But if you ask us to praise you

beneath your minced stars
and sky flat with artifice,

show your blistering face.

our stubborn mouths. Force
the worship rumbling from our lips

like birds              flung awkwardly
from a quaking wire.

Eugenia Leigh

Eugenia Leigh is the author of Blood, Sparrows and Sparrows (Four Way Books, 2014), which was a finalist for the National Poetry Series and the Yale Series of Younger Poets. Her writing has appeared in several publications includingThe CollagistIndiana Review, and the Best New Poets anthology. The recipient of fellowships and awards from Poets & Writers Magazine, Kundiman, Rattle, and the Asian American Literary Review, Eugenia serves as the Poetry Editor of Kartika Review.