Susan Gilmore


I’m caught in the talk of hands and his

cup, cull, pluck sound to a clutch,

cock each note on its swerving stem.

This crazed bouquet he calls “Anniversary”

is mine to saw and water, tenderly,

so I tend days and decades

cascade, send us back

to the very place we met head on.

The wedding song I’ve sung sounds

nothing like his music,

only the hum, perennial,

of kitchens, beds made with rustling sheets.

Did I take this brash man,

stake his every claim and clamor

in my lawless heart,

and don’t I leap each time

cymbals hit the ceiling,

then fall back laughing into his lap

every year, encore,

settling the score?



                                    for Helen and Elliott Carter and Joseph

Susan Gilmore

<em>Edit Poetry</em> Susan Gilmore

Susan Gilmore is an Associate Professor of English at Central Connecticut State University.  Her poetry and prose have been published in the Connecticut Review and in Touches of Venus: an Anthology of Poems about Ava Gardner, edited by Gilbert L. Gigliotti.  She thanks composer Elliott Carter’s “Anniversary” for the inspiration for her poem and Susan Eisenthal for reading it so perfectly for Drunken Boat.