David Kutz-Marks

Welsh in the Closet

Though they ate her slip into a moth, she wears it still


down into the evening air of men in black dress

stuffing foie gras down their throats, the gavage of kings.


This will do, she says to the cooks in a line,

turning to the king who wears a cave upon his back


where his cape should be.

You see but half his face and forty eyes in there.


Century after century language dies into the mouth

of an overlarge lover, like a candle in the mouth


of a candle snuffer. She learns a new one though.

David Kutz-Marks

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David Kutz-Marks holds degrees from Columbia University and the University of Chicago and teaches at the University of Scranton. Recent poems appear or are forthcoming in Boston Review, MeridianKenyon Review Online, CaketrainRattleThe Carolina Quarterly, Western Humanities ReviewVerse Daily, and others.