Series of Drawing

Toni Simon
Torch is to flame what increment holds before a mirror
An inkling, a painted kaleidoscope background, identities changing with each generation.
Where tomorrow unfolds backwards
The outside spoken word reveals a message
Expect to receive an invisible partner
Space is perpendicular appointment with destiny and destiny is what remains outside the door waiting to be delivered
The instant the lamp disappears the ghostly calling begins
She took it upon herself to visit the occultic zones, a mental harbinger
Climbing forward past broken monuments, a rock astray had finer thoughts
Toni Simon
Toni Simon

Toni Simon is a multimedia artist who has exhibited her drawings at the Drawing Center and at the AIR Gallery in NYC. She is collaborating with poet Joanna Fuhrman and has illustrated books by poets Laynie Browne and Nick Piombino. Her own illustrated book of prose poetry Earth After Earth is just out from Lunar Chandelier Press.