Venice Is A Fish

Theresa Wong

Venice Is A Fish

(home version)


Wandering in snake streets

Walking, wondering, walking

My steps cracking, clap back and forth

From up between the walls

Lying at night in death-like silence

I learned to listen


They say you're sinking

Your bone white buildings brittle in the sun

Church walls rising white and dry

Like bones prepared to split


Il muro a Santa Maria Formosa

Bianco e secco, come un'osso

Pronto da spaccare in un migliaio di pezzi


Pieces, pieces, brittle pieces.


I open the door into the river

Moving me where it wants to go

"Every day invents itself"

I am a speck in the belly of a fish.



Written, performed and recorded by Theresa Wong on cello, voice, tonkori and prepared piano. 

Title from Tiziano Scarpa's novel Venezia è un pesce.




Theresa Wong
Theresa Wong

Theresa Wong is a cellist, vocalist, composer and improviser whose work encompasses music, theater and the visual arts. Seeking transformation through the magical process of performance, her works include: O Sleep, a multi-faceted improvised opera exploring the conundrum of sleep life and The Unlearning, a collection of songs for cello, violin and two voices inspired by Goya's Disasters of War etchings, released on Tzadik records. She has collaborated with such artists as Anna Halprin, Fred Frith, Annie Lewandowski, Søren Kjærgaard, Ellen Fullman and Carla Kihlstedt. She performs internationally and currently resides in Berkeley California.