“Lumière” by Citizens for Confetti

Linda Aubry Bullock

Citizens for Confetti is my solo voice and electronics music project.  I also produce videos for my some of my pieces, such as “Lumière.” 

The title of this project comes from a phrase that I found when I randomly opened a book of Stanislaw Lem, The Cyberiad. I was in bed with a cold and in the space where I couldn’t nap but was too sick to read.

“‘By now the Adviser had four chests of medals for suggestions made to the King. A microspy Trurl sent to the land of the Multitudians returned with the news, that, for its most recent achievement – it gave the King a ticker-tape parade, using citizens for confetti – Mandrillion had publicly called the Adviser his “pal”.’

“So, the phrase, taken out of context, is not as cheery as I imagined. I liked the imagery that came to me, a vision of happy people with a purpose, a sunny day with many scintillating colors, and decided to use that. However, the darkness of the real meaning of those words always lurks around and it seemed appropriate to acknowledge.

“When I started recording in the spring of this year it was a decision after years of wanting to do things with voice, but not having a clear idea. “Something with voice” – always vague. I then figured if I processed my voice and just started experimenting with sounds, it would be better. Processing the voice meant using a microphone, which was great because I had some thoughts about extended, slow, patient “small” sounds, amplifed.

“I started recording at my in-laws house in the spring when they were away. For words, I used fortune cookies, sayings cross-stitched on a pillow, some Lem. I looked at the water in the marsh, the early-spring trees, the carpet in their living room. I liked how my voice was sounding like a synthesizer, a harmonium. I worked at being patient with myself as well.

Linda Aubry Bullock
Linda Aubry Bullock

Linda Aubry Bullock's earliest memories include being fascinated with the sound of humming transformers, birds, and the drone of the distant television. After music composition studies at Berklee College of Music (MA) and Bennington College (MFA), she developed a career primarily in the visual arts and currently creates stop motion videos under the name Orangecookie Image and Sound.  In addition, she performs and composes electronic music using field recordings, harp, and other sources. She is part of the multimedia duo rise set twilight with Michael T. Bullock, plays guitar in the experimental psych drone band, Twilight of the Century, and is also a member of the New England Phonographers Union, a group that performs using unprocessed field recordings.

Website: http://shadowselves.net