Geoffrey Olsen



we stare at each other / the cat runs back to the bushes


                                                                        run / lines of police / they enraged


                                     because it is them visibly wrenching the city but others,

elect in passivity, succored, that they have softness in their spaces

but rigidly determined order for outside,

                                                      inside rotting


it more & made this condition if one touches it

                                                      in the rot is that seed of undoing?


                                    to not just take disease so it’s imposed on how they are seen,


                                        that’s not infection/ phasing blue the red over the grid in that income are bodies, zone together


                                    B: it’s totally dissolved feeling I’m not even an active participant we weak together

weak weak not even shared.






Ada: your moss which is to absorb them tenderly and it’s growth is political, green pods upright, scurrying over surface, the circles of circular flowers in the center of the wet, mossy, mouth

B: rain.

Ada: hungry not neat as um

B: um, trying this movements / the crowd in the form of against this professional looking-up

Ada: smelling of JP Morgan. This business does not smell at all ecumenical still valence shell of these numbers.


                                                      Ada: I think it is verse.

                                                      B: versus some cultural fugues the commonness / incident




                                                      Ada: mote / past

                                                      B: I was uh here with you

                                                                                          when they moved                  it through the crowd

                                                                        that loud still / so I can like the imaging

                                                      we’ve shared I hope, wasn’t it?

                                    I’m cool it’s very crowded and I say /

                                                                                                            I can say that this standing

                                                                                          with that is valuable / it’s the eye of or not

                                                                        being secure being help or held by then


                                                      who were really with







                                                                                                                              oozing in the owned park

                                                                                   rose up with the oozing circumference


                                    there’s some second thought it’s cold

                                                                        can we be together in


                                                                                                            momentous opposition


                                          restoring resistance


                                                                                                            set the insistent calipers


                                                                                          got them out ooze mind


                                                      it said, rounding now and going homeward

                                                      it said, are you sure of your weight of wealth of being away

                                                      it said, are you sure the ghosts are human

                                                      it said, spirit presences collude the square room

                                                      it said, & the formal one the slow dripping in space

                                                      it said, cantilevered power measure hinged


like the string conceived separate section


                                                                        often a time, rounding dark carved tunnels, spacious weaving under

neath that is where they enter

                                                      so you consent to being accessed for surveillance


                                    such would be knowledge gust from the comfort of flesh,

                    so suspect gathering lit above, under pools we can collect there present / operand


It is a trough or trench with sharpened sticks secured and angled outward



                                         so that you think of your displaced breath








           decoding agent suspect loud as do is to sprawls as zygote barrelling transparent is it this

that could be filled up with inadequate morphing sentiment leftover



                                                                                                            razing red yellow instead the behavior

                                                                                                            instead another exercise against

                                                                                                            fear and persistent sorrow


Ada to engage is not that

                                                      being further against lining wintry

                                                                                                                                                great invert


                                                      burn in this the

                                                                                                            anomaly soothed or crush

                                                                            it is new external mark

                           hailed flowering mouth


           that they are negative will scar them right?

                                                                                             just flowering never to concede




        of the


       of the                  


       of the



                                                                        place pulses so that

                                                             felt spiking













                                then this semblance explored discovery inverting


                                                                                          your world turned is not

                                                                        not synapse sinew inward projecting now our commun-

icative present


                  some get more than others


                                                   leafy and

                       with dirt


                                    living in the muddy slope

                                                        rose I the symptoms


                                                     so withdrawing leafy surround filtered cool

   wild outer limiting not / giving to us no / escape







                                                                ADA our distinct schlock

                                      wintering military as all occupation


                                                      varied dis



                                                                                                            semblance body

                                             domed quarter of the city

                                                                        interpolating light


                                                      rest their attention, move among cratered walls


                                      on the hands




                                                                        shamed out of our we semblance

                                    wood heft / weight of home territory and nomadic movement


                                                      purpling surface ink

                                                                                          leak to wonderment

Geoffrey Olsen
Geoffrey Olsen

Geoffrey Olsen lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. He is the author of the chapbooks Not of Distends * Address Panicked (Minutes Books, 2011) and End Notebook (Petrichord Books; 2008).