Data Decay (2011)

Alex Chechile

Revisiting a vintage computer data storage format that uses reel to reel audiotape, Data Decay is an installation that uses computer data as the primary sound palette and room acoustics as a modifying agent.

A series of images are converted into sound and played back in a tape loop. The looping audio is decoded and the encrypted visual content is projected. Room acoustics and mechanical inconsistencies of the tape deck effect the visualization of the projected image.

Documentation from the 2011 New York Electronic Arts Festival on Governors Island.

Alex Chechile
Alex Chechile

Alex Chechile is a New York based artist and composer whose work explores the relationships between sound, physiology, psychoacoustics, and cognitive science. His pieces are built through analogue modular synthesis and biofeedback systems (brain/nervous system). These systems allow the implicit physiological and cognitive experience of performance to directly effect how the music is perceived.

Alex has been supported by the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA), Harvestworks, the American Embassy, the Experimental Television Center, the Malcolm S. Morse Foundation, and received the Ellis and Karin Chingos Award. He has performed at venues including Issue Project Room (NYC), The Stone (NYC), Eyebeam (NYC), and opened for Primus at the Orpheum Theatre (Boston). His work has been presented at SIGGRAPH (San Francisco), The New American Art Union (Portland, OR), C02penhagen Fest (DK), PhonoFemme (Vienna, AU), and Linoleum Festival (Moscow, RU). Alex is one of the founding members of Pauline Oliveros’ Tintinnabulate ensemble, is a collaborator with Mercury Rev, and has formerly performed with Boston's NME, the BVG Javanese Gamelan, and Kiniwe, a West African drum ensemble.

Alex holds an MFA from Rensselaer Polytechnic (Electronic Art) and a BA from Tufts University (Composition/Theory). His oeuvre primarily consists of compositions for acoustic and electro-acoustic chamber ensembles, but also spans to Internet2 telepresence distance performance, installation, and video.