Jeff Nagy

With palm tensed convex receiving the spent
wax of the votive sun precessed across
the horizon’s escapement, so that what was lost
had been lost by miracle – the forecourts
of heaven gradually left derelict,
ascendant now from the vacant blue noise,
the massless, sidereal arms of wandering
clocks tick their proper motion through
posterior distance, deepening to sidereal posterity
which too is surpassed in a miraculous deepening
by the far distant and far older nova,
where compression explodes out into
lightness, and its levitating, nebular
ghost, quickened with pluperfect light,
driven long ago out towards us, as now
it drives the stars from their proper motion
in their clusters down into the obscuring
footlights where their binary but continual
life crams them with noise – as the birds
are by miracle created anew each morning
and crammed with noise – before the nova
settles into drab eternity, as its light
strikes the new birds and their clot dilates then
compresses like a pupil when from darkness
isomorphic to its own it is taken by surprise,
so by miraculous surprise the birds perceive
the elliptical analogy and so forgetting the rest
of their mechanical phrases, they suddenly
pass over into genuine feeling.

Jeff Nagy
Jeff Nagy

Jeff Nagy's poems and essays have appeared or are forthcoming in Volt, Jacket2, Hi Zero!, LVNG, and Artforum.  With Eric Linsker, he co-edits The Claudius App: a journal of fast poetry, at