the unrequited, its aftermath

Hafizah Geter

saw steel grow in the forest,
stars drinking boxed wine,

heard you kiss your lover—
know, today, i'll carry weapons.

o, how the constellations drink like virgins,
my heart is a limping deer.

never knew myself
to listen for the sound of a river.

in this forest of wounded animals,
survival in the water draws the hunted in.

i’ve looked for the enemy
in everyone i love.

unable to sheathe my weapons,
i’ve dug hooves in.

someone i don't want to call god
draws a line in crushed ore, dares me to step over.

Hafizah Geter
Hafizah Geter

Hafizah Geter is a South Carolina native currently living in Chicago, IL. She holds an MFA from Columbia College Chicago and is a Cave Canem Fellow. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in RHINO, New Delta Review, Packingtown Review, NANO Fiction and BOXCAR Poetry Review.