To Her Dreamscape

Florencia Varela

I meant to be preemptive: sleep here, sleep away:
the risk of yielding struck against flint: like cartilage
brushed against bone, serrated substitutes: slang
for museum: banter  for dressing room: stupid abstraction
for wayward: I’ve gathered conflicts into whole gardens:
I’ve drifted from the double-take: because the metal work
still holds: because folded pastures adjust to the seasons:
from these heights even skies make soft amends:
I’ll flip stones to find the fine etchings beneath: I’ll crawl:
what is it that keeps us upwards: once it was the fear of falling.

Florencia Varela
Florencia Varela

Florencia Varela’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in journals such as Diagram, Western Humanities Review, Washington Square Journal, and Gulf Coast. Her chapbook, Outside of Sleep, is forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press in 2012. She completed her MFA at Columbia University and currently lives in Brooklyn.