Drunken Boat #14

Set up multiple choice or fill-in-the-blanks situations & play with them, considering every word an ‘object’ with no meaning, perhaps just a sound, or, a block of meaning, meaning anything.

Eliminate material systematically from a piece of your own writing until it’s 'ultimately' reduced, or, read or write it backwards (line by line or word by word). Read a novel backwards.

Using phrases relating to one subject or idea, write about another (this is pushing metaphor & simile as far as you can), for example, steal science terms or philosophical language & write about snow or boredom.

Experiment with theft & plagiarism in any form that occurs to you.

Take an idea, anything that interests you, even an object: then spend a few days looking & noticing (making notes, etc.?) what comes up about that idea, or, try to create a surrounding, an atmosphere, where everything that comes up is "in relation".