About Speak Far and Wide

This piece of computer-interactive sound poetry is one of a series being composed by us with the use of software written in the Verbal Interactivity Project (VIP). VIP is a development by austraLYSIS, with special input from David Worrall, and operates in the programming language Python. The computer-interactive performer uses multiple computer voices, which choose and speak parts of the currently active or preceding texts in a variety of ways. The texts originate from Hazel’s writing, but are transformed progressively; the performer can take control over these processes or drive them algorithmically. This particular piece involves 4 channel presentation, including some sonic manipulation of the text-to-speech performances. It is presented here in a Quicktime compressed format, and for those who unfortunately do not have a multichannel sound system attached to their computer, it will automatically mix down to 2 channels, though some information and effects are inevitably lost in this process.