The mid to late nineties introduced me intimately to the world of medicine including intensive care, orthopedics, physical therapy, wheelchairs (primarily single arm propelled), adjustable dial leg braces, bone growth stimulation, titanium steel insertion rods and multiple surgeries, as the result of my introduction through and rapid expulsion from the windshield of the car that ran me over as I was walking home on the Lower East Side.

The years that followed were comprised of a form of buoyant self imposed exile that absconded with memory, dignity, propriety & a not insignificant amount of opportunity. Recently returned from the dead I am in the process of piecing things together.

Throughout it all events, injuries, individuals, dreams, nightmares, life, still life, & visions of afterlife have been faithfully recorded, processed, printed and when necessary toned, painted or otherwise altered. I am nothing if not faithful and continue to work exclusively with film and in the darkroom. A silver printer by training and predilection I know my chemistry as well, and silver bleaches and toners are applied by brush or pour to result in the print being what the print needs to be to tell its story. Each one is unique.