Tom Burtonwood

Tom Burtonwood Tom Burtonwood is an artist originally from the UK living and working in Oak Park, IL. He is interested in an array of subjects and issues relating to picture making, ubiquitous technology and interactive objects. Currently he is working on a series of modular color studies relating to the video game Tetris. Recent exhibitions include Three Walls, Chicago; Fountain, Brooklyn; Apex Art, New York. Additionally Burtonwood co-directs an exhibition space and occasionally curates exhibitions of New Media art specifically in the area of digital fabrication. He teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Jacob C. Hammes

Jacob C. Hammes Jacob C. Hammes is a Chicago based interdisciplinary artist whose range of projects investigate the strained relationships and sites of interaction between humans and the natural world. Hammes is primarily interested in emphasizing the disconnection between the desire to emulate nature and our ability to understand it. Primarily using sculpture, digital media, and hypnosis, Hammes attempts to reveal the struggle to connect with our own animal identity. Hammes has exhibited and performed extensively throughout the midwest and internationally. Hammes’ work and various projects have been reviewed in publications such as Art Papers, Proximity Magazine, and the Leonardo Music journal.