Greg Delanty

Greg Delanty at St. Michael’s College
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Greg Delanty’s most recent books are The Ship of Birth (Louisiana State University Press 2006), The Blind Stitch (LSU Press, 2003), and The Hellbox (Oxford University Press 1998). His Collected Poems 1986-2006 is out from the Oxford Poet’s series of Carcanet Press. He edited, with the scholar Michael Matto, The Word Exchange, Anglo-Saxon Poems in Translation, (WW Norton, November, 2010). He has received many awards, most recently a Guggenheim for poetry. The magazine Agenda has just devoted its latest issue to celebrate Greg Delanty’s 50th birthday. The National Library of Ireland have recently acquired his papers up to the end of 2012. He is the Vice President of the Association of Literary scholars, Critics and Writers, and will be president of this Association in October, 2010. He is a US citizen and teaches at Saint Michael’s College, Vermont. He has lived in Vermont since 1986.