Mary Collins

Brian Corrigan


Brian Corrigan is a Brooklyn-based web designer and graphic artist who served as assistant designer to Drunken Boat's Managing Editor Sarah Clark on the Celtic Twilight project. Brian is rather well-connected in this particular endeavor. It is he who is responsible for creating the website for Irish American Writers & Artists (IAW&A), a non-profit literary and arts organization of which many of the contributors, including Contributing Editor Robert Dowling are active members. He is also responsible for the design of IAW&A's President and author Peter Quinn's New York Paddy website, and is currently working on writer and journalist T.J. English's website. He is also the sole propriator of Watch Your Back, a design and apparel company that could be best summarized as one man's passionate celebration of "all things uniquely true and unheroic". (What can I say? It's my baby... a "graphic feral child", if you will.).

First and foremost, I would like to sincerely thank Sarah Clark for all of her professionalism, guidance, and uncanny ability to multi-task. You've been truly great to work with. He would also like to thank Robert Dowling and Ravi Shankar for their hard work, confidence and borderline insane encylopedic knowledge of all things O'Neill-related. It has certainly broadened my horizons and has been a history lesson I won't soon forget. Cheers gents.