The next morning I notice the aesthetician’s eyes are magnified beyond the rims of his round glasses. The left eye is moving a little more to the left than the right and I alternate between the two to determine whether one is lazy when I notice he is staring back and for how long I do not know. In his room the aesthetician has two doors: one is wood, one is glass and the latter opens onto a field leading past the horses to the barn and I ask if he sometimes leaves by that door and why. Because pain is evidence of a causal relationship and that is certain for what is certain is sincere or a great comfort, he interprets the order that pain provides as a transgression when provided by those who seemed only to know order and violence, he says, does not exercise violence. Tell me, he says, how would you describe eating a poached egg to a person who has never eaten a poached egg. The poached egg has a beautiful surface.