onon onon cucklemouth

come in aureous wake a round arock

to calm calm calm kissuahealing whom

a murmur listen now a murmerous braide

bent and aback erround him

tell me to the tree aword for wattery

listen the kiss the thresh the thrushsong

so dear to dangling the laurals o’er the petrock

scant scant the silence in the sycamores

are you listening yes are you listening yes the hips

no the lips the swim the tips hurrahs for frills

cordial translucence and colors curling

are you listening yes to what the world no water

the wetter the standing and stagnant cistern scaling

no she was scaling what was she what has she

while corvering all are you listening yes tell me

a letter no a list yes no that later first the drawers

first the shirts the swash to swish she hems in a sinse

ofs wept songs for what for what the kiss yes the kiss the fire

kiss the sky kiss the wind kiss the water kiss

the earth yes the earth he comes the earth home for her