in profundo veritatem


Hurry up, faithful.

To be taken aback,

the sails so caught by wind,

against the mast. Against your breathing, the hurting ribcage.
Know: yours foretold. One off-song at a time.

You take after

your father, a Truepenny fellow, so trespass,

take back your words

(at his word), caffeine-cough, javelin forward,
unflinch. Place your hand over your heart.
How far will you go to feel? Therefore, not sleep?

Because the doctor’s paper shoes do hush. Listen:
snow breathing down, down-breathing snow-


little white language spider…

I know the waiver here is your innocent face. A profound confrontation.

Believe, whore for it all, what you can get, in a tawdry, then

wait at the curb
for a taxi-meter—you are
under your own power and mother tongue, lipstick aftermath, aftermath…

Oh, to slowly there: Amen