Artist’s Statement

These images are from a series entitled Another Barbarian In Asia, which is named after the French poet Henri Michaux’s travel writings while touring Asia. Bemused, doleful, dizzying, overwhelming…I wanted my own traveler’s eye not only to revel in the beauty and the novel, but also the alienation and silence that can be found when traveling. I find that when I am estranged from culture I dive deeper into myself seeking a truer self-definition in the submersion of change and altered time. Each image carries with it its own narrative, which contributes to the whole of my travels. The collection as an ensemble draws on stark black and white images juxtaposed with images containing bright colors and scintillating fluorescence. Mixed in, so as to not tire the eye, are softer images relishing brief moments of an often-unseen humanity, a child drawing a heart on a cold beach, an old toothless smile.