Koji Asano

Koji Asano Based in London in 1993, Tokyo in 1994-1998, Barcelona in 1999-2004, Koji Asano continues to tour all Europe and Japan frequently, playing solo concert by laptop. Moreover, there are a lot of work offers as the composer, from Ensemble Die Reihe (Austria, 2004), Paragon Ensemble (Scotland, 2002), the Smith quartet (France, 1997), and Barcelona Winds Orchestra (Spain, 2001), etc. His main work is targeted on CD Album, keeps releasing several works almost every year without rest, piling up to 36 discs now just in one decade. Very prolific but wide range variety of his original music is beyond the frames of the music category, saying that “One of the most imaginative composers in the world” (All Music Guide). Also he produces music for video art, movie, Play etc., and compilations CD from other label are many. Living in Tokyo now.