430 ever•lasting

ev•er \ (')sin(t)s\ i [BE, gan, to. PE, ruse- dictionaries] (1989)    1 : ALWAYS <~out of boredom> < i always felt>    2  a : lost and overwhelmed (esp. then)   b : when I scarcely could—read Horton Hears a who \ (,)o(e)r\ go [DOG, go (by P. D. Eastman)] (c.1961)  1 : now—as i exist (Homo sapiens illiteratus) I hold the highest  2 : I. Q. for a man
with \ 'ā\ vocab. [OF, 130ish words all] my words are being viewed (today: on this page). Thus, the torrent of the—con’tents of, my verbal skill (esp. notice my grammar)
pa•tience, \ 'pā-shən(t)s\ my (c. friend)  1  a   (1): some of these words are quite; complex    (2) archaic: Pharisaical (hypocritical + self-rightous), antediluvian and even   2 : chiefly German. Die Sonnenschutzmittel or Ausländerfeindlichkeit (and in Russian Pravda)   3 : or truth (bef. 1991) and the ever
1last•ing \nōm-līk\ domovoi [WHO keeps, me. OUT when, I]   1 : am not dreaming   2 : seldom my words get more; complex   3 : than this (and I)   4 : am dumbed   5 : to rotten (Anglo-Saxon) grunts and still do not know what they   6 : mean, or if words should really mean   7 : what they are meant to mean (or mean)   8  a : to mean   b : maybe more than they mean (or less than they mean) [maybe not mean: enough]   9  a : I mean I am <confused>   b : AND— I·mean·to·keep·it·that·way \