Thylias Moss & Ansted Moss

Heat Dozens Lightning Wings
Ostrich Culture of Snowmen
Song of Iota

Thylias Moss became forkergirl when Limited Fork Theory was born in October 2004 at the Quality 16 Cinema in ann Arbor during the credits of a movie. The forking revelation was so powerful that I was thoroughly transformed, that night producing the 30-minute video poam (product of act[s] of making, as form is part of what can be created out of collaborations via connections that shape ideas) “Song of Iota,” for which Ansted Moss (now of kna’Knox), who was 12-years-old in 2004, composed and performed a soundtrack to which the emerging forkergirl wrote and performed the vocal arrangement. Since the birth incident (she didn't know she was pregnant), Thylias has taught and refined Limited Fork Theory at the University of Michigan. Her most recent collection of print poams is Tokyo Butter. Many of her video poams may be view on the forkergirl youtube channel. (interactive flash site) and (html-based version) are primary Limited Fork Theory resources.

Ansted Moss of the Strexx Quantum Orchestra is the composer and performer of the music accompanying “Song of Iota.”