Francesco Levato
Introduction to Video Poetry

I am a product of the eighties. I grew up with the Clash, the constant shadow of Mutually Assured Destruction, and Frank Miller’s seminal re-envisioning of the Dark Knight. It was during this period I first came to understand the poetic nature of film, and of film itself as an art form. A woman, arms outstretched, running, falling through plate glass shop windows in the slowest of motion, the atmosphere filled with constant mist and plaintive jazz; Ridley Scott’s haunting visions in the movie Blade Runner resonate with me as strongly today as they did when I first encountered them. And this poetic interpretation of cinema, with its graphic novel-like imagery and its interwoven narrative score, is as much of an influence on my poetry as poetic devices are on my filmmaking.

So, when exploring ways in which poetry might reach an audience immersed in mass media I turned to film; my passion for it and it’s wide dissemination being key factors. This intersection of poetic and cinematic expression has been realized in a myriad of ways, from fully animated interpretations of a poem to artistic film sequences of the poet performing. In-between can be found experimental film collage and Flash based generative texts. The selection of new media poetics found in this folio represents a only fraction of what is possible and what is yet to come in this continually evolving genre.