Edmond Chibeau

Jaap Reeter
Transmission Outside the Text

Edmond Chibeau is a performance writer who teaches at Eastern Connecticut State University. Chibeau believes we are Microchip Aboriginals, living in the Ur Civilization of the Digital Age. The quantum space between the zeros and ones of the binary number system allows for a digital ekphrasis of the scirbal analogue of phonetic space. In other words; the phonetic alphabet texts us. His play, The Norwich Nine, about civil war soldiers buried in Norwich, Connecticut, was performed at Eastern Connecticut State University on April 19th. He will be giving the keynote address for IMPAC-Connecticut State Wide Ceremony of the Dublin Literary Award on April 28th. Chibeau’s work has been performed at Lincoln Center, The Knitting Factory, NoSeNO, The Ear Inn, and elsewhere. He has worked with John Cage, Alison Knowles, Kenneth Rexroth, Allen Ginsberg, and Charles Bernstein, among others.