Translating Carmen Conde for the Web

The Project

Barbara DeCesare ’s poems have appeared at Poetry, Alaska Quarterly Review, Evansville Review, and others. She is author of jigsaweyesore (Anti-Man Press, 1999) and Adrift (Coward God, 2006).

Jennifer Hill is the author of four poetry books: Questioning Walls Open (2001), Nightcrown (2003), Book of Days (2005), and A Proper Dress (2006). She is editor of Paper Kite Press and owner of Wordpainting, a study dedicated to creative writing and thinking.

Bob Offer-Westort works with words in San Francisco. He is editor of San Francisco’s homeless newspaper, Street Sheet, and he is currently working on a set of translations from archaic English, that may never see the light.

Dan Waber is a multimedia poet and artist, who has his online home at

Jim Warner obtained degrees in Psychology and English before becoming homeless in Wilkes-Barre, PA (USA). He worked with people suffering autism, before his current position as assistant of the MA program in Creative Writing at Wilkes University. His poetry has appeared in Hazmat Review, Zed, What Happens Next?, and In The Arms of Words: Poems for Disaster Relief. He has written a chapter in the book Paperhearts Made Easy to be launched in 2006 by Foothills Publishing.