Nick Montfort


Nick Montfort is the author of literary works for the computer; he also studies these works’ forms, functions aesthetics, informatic nature, as well as their cultural contexts and production related to new media, digital art, and videogames. He is finishing his doctorate in Programming and Information Science at University of Pennsylvania on narrative variations in interactive fiction, having obtained an MA from MIT in the Arts and Sciences of Media, and from the University of Boston in Creative Writing (poetry). Montfort has taught pre- and postgraduate classes at three institutions and he has held dozens of talks to audiences in different disciplines. His projects on digital media undertaken over the last seven years include the blog Grand Text Auto, Ream, Book and Volume, Mystery House Taken Over, Implementation (with Scott Rettberg), Ad Verbum, The Ed Report (with William Gillespie), and Winchester&rdsquo;s Nightmare: A Novel Machine.