mIEKAL aND, Camille Bacos, and Maria Damon

On Pure Jag, Unmarked Grave

mIEKAL aND is a poet and intermedia artist, and editor of Xexoxial Endarchy, a non-profit publishing house and artistic organization. His work for the last twenty years has researched the blurring of boundaries between different media, and it has focused on semantic abstractions, inherent to text-based works. His work for the web can be found at JOGLARS CROSSMEDIA BROADCAST. He also is founder of Dreamtime Village, a project of hypermedia/permacultural ecocity in Southeast Wisconsin.

Camille Bacos is a Romanian filmmaker. In Romania, she wrote and directed several short films. Her films have been exhibited in film festivals in Saint Petersburgh, Rome, and Bucharest. She also has directed and produced several TV programs for Romanian television, and o has researched and published several articles on the role of image in collective mentalities. Recently she moved to Wisconsin, USA, where she started working in several projects with mIEKAL aND, including The Samsara Laundry, ... entre pyrobiblios..., Why my left leg is hot, and The End, a multimedia project with Maria Damon.

Maria Damon teaches poetry and poetics at University of Minnesota. She is author of The Dark End of the Street: Margins in American Vanguard Poetry, co-author (with mIEKAL aND) of Literature Nation, pleasureTEXTpossession, and Eros/ion, and co-editor (with Ira Livingston) of the work, in press, Poetry and Cultural Studies: A Reader.