Theresa Sotto

holiday greeting card confessional insert

It’s true that mosquitoes find me first and completely. Ask Mike

who thought it was true for him then realized I have three things

going for me: a slick forehead, an inclination towards inappropriate

colors, and platelets that reach record highs. It’s just like they say:

“Most things moving are alive” and “Cover your dinner with a net.”

If you’re wondering, the car is just fine and it’s not so bad to share.

My older brother’s never been in love and I must be cruel because

I asked him so. The Marcel Dzama display was fantastic! Fox heads

buttoned at the collars and other antics the boss wouldn’t approve of.

Mom is fine. She called precisely to advise on exfoliating creams.

In other words, your bumpy skin is on my mind dear. Then get married.

Dear Mosquitos, send my regards to the little ones. P.S. Your dedication

is commendable. If we haven’t seen you in awhile, same ol’ same ol’ here.

I don’t wear earrings and I don’t wear deodorant. It’s not a hippie thing

it’s just not the same kind of stink. It’s true I wear earrings sometimes—

perhaps you’d be happy to know that. There are many special occasions

and I’m sure I’ll see you there.