Eileen Myles


Stephen was a servant
that wind out there
says more than anything
I’m about to say
in my speech is disturbing
the one million tourists
on the street today
Kenny prior to your move
to Charles River Park
you lived in Somerville
is that correct
Debbie said I had a knot
in my neck
Language is not greedy
she rubbed it
Ryan’s play became
and Ryan lives in Dorchester
is that true.
I wonder if this
would be better without
sound the first
poems made in that way.
Stephen had no sea legs
fell off the boat
fortunately a halyard
was lowered and
he was raised to safety.
I read this on the
couch. At which
point do you think
Stephen’s name
was attached to this
street. When they only
lived here a number
of months. Ask
My desire to go to the beach
has been curtailed
you are all on your vacation
the word halyard
is in my vocabulary
is nearly broke
because of my recent
interest in sailing
my time in a boat
with Abby Swan
the name of my street
in the town
not Provincetown
the meaning of this
name belonging to a king
hither hills another
story and
your outfit in
John’s movie
now. Dorothy Bradford
threw herself off
the boat.