Simone Muenchs & Philip Jenks

Dear Philip and Simone—
Dear Ann Coulter—
Dear Leatherface—

Simone Muench ’s third book, Orange Crush, will be out from Sarabande in 2010. She is a professor, vegetarian and horror film fan, and works collaboratively with Bill Allegrezza and Philip Jenks. Her website is at

Philip Jenks
teaches English at University of Illinois at Chicago. Flood Editions published his first volume, On the Cave You Live In, in 2002, and a second volume of poems, My First Painting Will Be the Accuser, was published by Zephyr Press (2005). He has published two chapbooks, The Elms Left Elm Street (Plane Bukt, 1994) and How Many of You Are You? (Dusie, 2006), and is completing his third manuscript, Wait Till All the Bees Are Gone. He collaborates with Simone Muench, publishing in Cannibal, The Canary, Zoland, Moonlit, barrelhouse, Eleven Eleven and elsewhere. He also sings, plays percussion with The Howling Hex. His poems have appeared in a range of journals. Read the Nation of Accusers blog