Laura Modigliani

Up in Arms Ad Lib

So many (expectorants),
               (plural noun)

so little (breathing room).
               (place noun)

(Mother) took the (.32) off the wall.
 (noun)               (noun)

It’s just a bad case of the (fudge).
                                 (type of food)

Sister shot at the dead (goose).

She collects ba(bye) dolls.

What the (deference)?

There are fingerprints on the (submissive).

To (prevaricate) is to (evoke).
         (verb)              (verb)

She picked (nits),

(brown) (paper) bats,
 (color)  (noun)

cakes topped with (ice),

cabinets of (prying).

She loved (rabble-rousing) by the seashore.

Brother grew up to be a (Bible) pusher.

The bully dreads (breaking) any decisions.

The grass contained (firebugs).
                            (plural noun)

The (lawn) smells like gas.

She’s not getting (up)

nor does she (sleep).

The (mantle) is silent

like a (carnivorous) plant.