Jami Macarty
Off in Every Direction


We have said nothing but started anyway. It is not a beginning. On the phone we take solace. In the air we make faces.

What does one do with photographs of past lovers? The obvious ones, the enlargements, can be discarded at the other end of anger & a bonfire.

Off in every direction movement: bipedal, automotive, locomotive & sound: oral birds whose chipped words do not fit in the human cavity unless learned.

The world we take our chairs into is live with the element of rain, wet aspects of rock-stones, doll-baby & the flora the fauna. There's another plane overhead.

My mind walking back into the sky, you walk back into the house. Tires over dirt detected in the background & the tap-taps of four weeks’ awaited sky-water.

To get to the bottom one needs a full stomach. One needs to be in the midst to know how one feels. Not everybody looks attractive when walking away.

The back is not always the strong point. It is good to recognize that & come around
the house a different way.