Chip Livingston


AJ    dead
BL    lives in Kentucky
BA    because crazy was just the beginning
CC    stupid gut
DL    Puerto Rico
EJ    depressed
FD    Christian (but sexy dresser)
GS    YSL handbag
HL    no chemistry (him)
IG    was mean to a waiter
JB    small dick
KR    no chemistry (me)
KP    small dick (and married to a woman)
LK    porn star (awesome dick)
the M’s already the M’s
NA    (seems not to belong on this list)
OS    too young (no matter how VGL)
PM    dead
RF    actor
RX    too much chemistry
SS    a slut and an actor
TD    dead (but strongly influencing this poem)
US    Republican
VR, WV, XL    too short, too needy, too fat
??    too cagey
YK    lives in Queens
ZL    doing a show in LA
and my sexy bald neighbor on Jane Street      because if he hasn’t talked to me in five years,
                                                                   he probably won’t start tonight