Eric Linsker

After Arcady

The saw stops
In the floor
And the bird
Lights the tree

Too much

After fire

One hasn’t
Enough warmth

(The bird attacking the already)

Grass in hand for per-

Grass Grass

(Unable to they started out

(Unable to they started out)

In the outlying

I saw a baby carried
On a height
Of stones

There was no time to Act Fast

The wings are
Climbing all over the ground

Light between (each) branch

Laughs Flat

(Bird against the wall)

The city wasn’t hard
It took fire

(This is our okay time)

Propellor Branch
Where are you

(Falling to the soldiers
Packed out and killed)

This Side (Ours)

No longer will the moon

Laugh coming up now

It is past that

Do we even need these sounds