Gareth Lee

Now That I've Gotten Away from H

        Are you ready enough. Effete enough. I mean for Go. A frame and two-tone buttons. An earnest thing. Supposedly cerebral. One we took

        to a beach and got coral dust all over. One we studied, found misshapen so left it. But what did we want for it. To be fossilized.

        Don’t we all want to be fossilized. Don’t we impede our own wants, e.g., permit such bodies at play to dissolve, disperse. Transience:

        it’s sexy, it is said, so I’m taught. So enrich this like uranium. Soften this with applause. And let’s not forget wine. Two we’ll empty to

        throw in recycling. A grand time; I repeat and pronounce it. The quality of the time. Like morning but devoid of caffeine, devoid of any

        substance we won’t abide by. This moment, intense narcotic. You of the dark locks bring the memory here. You entice it, sugar

        or force. I anticipate you desire. Things desired: this remembrance, wide blue myth. Whose images dissolve, disperse.