Rachel Kubie
The Pregnancy

My blood weight doubled
So blood pounded in our ears.
We were a dream inside a dream,
Your ear to the plumbing, mine open to the wild air—
A harmony of such alien silences—
I spoke in it, foolishness, always nonsense—
But stopped speaking.

The winged creature falls from the winged creature,
And the great gray whale bears the whale in dark water,
But my dreams swam wild in blindness and didn’t know my kind.
Lizard and fin, cattle and creeping thing, every beast and wonder
Broke from my sex and woke me—
My terrified body obeyed laws I couldn’t imagine:
My hand traced the possibility of your body on my body
Until I was transparent. Until I shone with it.

The question pushed aside my organs, compliant,
Split my ribs and hips. I grew awkward, brutally heavy, thinking
Almost nothing. Thinking: But I am the beast in the manger—
The wonder, the animal wonder.