Shira Dentz

tear the blinds open: lightmilk
a little more tea-color than yesterday—
this march date coils

tongue dots screw in. he went to town and brought a wrench. change coins, other side.
drinking coffee, mouth gone fishing. near a concrete pail. love. how i hate that word. rising
ahead like smoke.       wax

flowers float along water my brother a steed’s dark flank glistening back neigh!         a cloud’s shadow subtitles
              it was sunny and a bit of thought passed.
metalgray.      knowing: closing: sound ripped from      a bird darts

past. is this everything begins with p?      psssst i say trees are taller here. red onion’s up
for grabs its crisp white baldness. picture today’s springlike

                                gash.     a bird

darts past. cobalt flame. rhino fly. sugar tan. however the rag up on the tree is taking what
comes to mind. knife the heat breathing there’s not anything more to say about the brother
is there?