Shira Dentz
The Sun a Blazing Zero

                     bitter ash hot cold overlapping birds 

want to insert a spoon in my clavicle gold tinsel
of a particular flatware    bowtie suspenders bowler hat
presents ~    a dime a dozen    well you can too fluttering
sunlight see with only one eye sole eye camera of the eye
as opposed to any other way stomach bursting pins the way 
things go not    to music

an even    horse’s bit    want incinerator soul
plug it with the tube dark

shore scrimp and pucker the vanilla white in an oreo
    flower petals drumdrumming
testosterone cool    my shoe is broke a platter if you

after the quake       people in snowy remote afghan villages
                             must not have many teeth            then again
                             they’re not eating much

                                    winter rags shiny now orchestra let’s 
start movement force air through orange rinds be like a flute: 
nice, short, controlled breaths a hot blur not the cold sweat, 
ocular but familiar shaking in the moonlight moonlight sweat 
hold the the cream it cold light jerky pour a cut of snow dissolve 
the ivory stretch push aside push each moment of light already