Matthew Cooperman

from Spool

. . .

he says he
does he loves
her she’s his
girl a tender
of blue ships
a surly harbor
safe when he’s
with her a
whither where’t thou
lost in illusion
calm of seas
traversed in toil
paradox paradox learning
no work and
no rest makes
pains and dulls
jack’s dull he’s
not jack what
do you expect
you will her
faith it’s true
is days full
flower by a
brook the sound
of plashing water
there’s a rose
mole dappled lawn
trill when she’s
home it’s shining
he’s her lover

. . .

up the mountain
on a retreat
in a state
of removal denial
we can be
true and must
be alive the
faith is in
taking the daily
dose we observe
doth we render
small perfections in
not shouting “I’m
going to be
a better man
the bonus weir
the ballast under
pillows sitting sitting
finding a mode
filling a sail
it’s pan everything
or poly hosannah
“I’m happy to
be here just
what erodes my
derogation not intention
to be is
is more than
one act I’m
searching as are
you “I’m pleased
to meet you
you’re in pain
retreat real estate
reflection so much
is land is
missing in life
what we see
not what we
act the part
being being here