Nicole Broadhurst

I left only various entities, yellow, orange, umber
in locution only veil, enveloping Y – O – U
in life only viscounts, entreaty yessing on upturned-mouths
in lair of vines emptying yarrow’s odorous uses
interlocked lock’s organs venial erasures yarn ovulating underneath
in looking’s orgies validity eradicates yonder omen upright—
Isis-in-love, longevity’s oracle vastly eased-erased, yeasty opposite up-holding—
interdiction’s loom on Venue-venues, elegant, yearly owned, user-friendly
inter-laced lackadaisical off-shoots very entrenched, your own uppers
inverted landscapes— oval voluble— early yelling out upstairs
irradiated luminousness (or) inherited luminosity on values Easterly yarding, out under.
I lay on valves’ eternity yesterday, on, under.
I learn, orifice-vein, vertiginous-viridian, elk-yell oh, under.
I, Lake Orion, very energetic, yield onions, universally.
I look on vision eternally young, Olde unison
I lay on violets’ ebony yellowing, Older union
it’s looking out venues. East. Y’all-yards. Oyster umbilical—
itinerant leer— offence virility egalitarian, you’re orts, ukulele.
“I love, orange veils, early yellows, oleander undulant.”
I lean onto ventricles’ easiest yearns— on underwater
interlocutions laughed out-loud vans’ event-wire, your Orpheus underlined
International losses over, vermillion enterprise yawning O Ur-ope.
Interesting. Leaves. Ocelot-violins (violas escarpments (!)) yellow-blue, opal umbrage
I laid out very early your opportunism, Ur-fan
I leaned on vales— empty— Yellow orb unfurled
I looked on Venetian environs, Yule O’s u-phony
I levitated orange-groves visceral error Yay-high overly-splendid us
I love Opal Vineyards Estates, Yemmen, ocular Upanishads,
I linger-on, orange vetoes eventual yells organizing underwater
I love on vowels, excess yearning over unutterability
I leave, only venture, early, yellow on umber

I lose, o votive, especially you. Only us.
Insects, larvae, oily veins, earnest ocular unpainted.
I lean on velvet elevators yarrowing on up
If lead oars vaunt ewes’ yar—wheep! out underbrush
into lone-ward ventures vest every Yahoo on unemployment
in low overtones’ viceroys: entreaty yachts open underground
Invest! Love, own Vero— eschew Your only Una
Irrigated lawns opining vestiture, escalators Y o-fair up-&-gone—
I lose on vehicular escapades, yarrowing on up
into lyrical ovals, voluble erasers, Yule-tiding owners un-upholstered
ilk loyal oceans’ venison Earth’s yodeling onslaught ugly.
Islands. Low. Orisons. Vase electrical. Yams onions underwear
Iseult. Leander. Olive-trees. Vocal electronics. Yield on unguent
I lose, Or: vehicular encephalitis ying-yangs oolitic underworlds
in loud-crowds, office verizonless-Veronese, eventually you open unicorn.
Interstate lays, off-states’ valleys, Eureka! your own U-phemisms
I like onerous Valkyries’ epiphanic Yeti’s obelisk under-rated.

Into, lowly, ourselves— veering endearment, you on U
Interim lowing obliquely— video estate yarning on usualness
I law on, viper Eden, yelling off undercurrent
I lore omnivorous, vestibule element, yammering orphans uni-set
I legend omnibus, vivider encyclopedia, yee-haw’s oiliphant’s umpire—
I look or-eeb, Venus, Enoch, Yuri, Odillion, Uplands—
I log on Vesuvian, Etowan, Yasmanian, odd, useful,
iodine lunar-loos O vivyskipping, enclitic yippy-yi-ay o uber-urn
idle leftward Orient vet, evening yells out Uncle
inward leafing, Ozark verities. Eucalyptus Yoo-hoos o’- the-Earth underfoot
ilucidator, lands overbound vellum Elenor

blah blah blah

bling bling bling

intricate lining of voyage elisions you, o (x) uberance
inescapable lands’ o vapidity elides yonder on us
illness laid o’er very ‘ealthily, yo-delaying onerous Una
I, le-moi, orisons very ‘eart, ylang-ylang o usted?

                I leap on-a-dying
                I lay on-a-crying

I loop-de-loop on values’-vine, esoteric-eglantine, ‘lowering on us,
I like ornament’s voodoo, eenie-meenie, yardstick o’clock u-ee
I lick over vestiges, every Yeah oblivion until-then
I lair Osteomants’ vulvas, encroaching yesterdays over utilized
I’ll out— vivisection, electrocution, yelps on ultra—
I’ll overcome— vain-glory, Election, —
I lay on vows everyone y’all over’ta us
Indiscretion lolls over Vesuvian enchantments, yawns over under
indiscreet lithium oblongs videst energy Yah o u
interest Lethe often? Viking entrailing-enchantment, young otherworldly urchin.
I loot o’s-of-pupils veering ecstatic, yes on underground
internets lyre Orphic, visualizing everyone, Yea! Odin unleashed
into Love— of verifications-vassals, enlightenment’s-eyes, yogurt’s-yipperings, oysters’-ovum’s.
I-tears. L-tears. O-tears. V-tears. E-tears. Y-tears. O-tears. U-tears.
Illness, lariat— on vale eternal— yeses, over-organs, under-altruism-altruistically
into lee-wards onto vinegar essaying yessing O-buoy, U-crop,
ithyphallic labyrinth-lunar on-tour-Raj, Villonesque escapee

It limped ontowards vehemence: emptiness
I’ll ludicrous o-bort— vox elated— yourself over-vert un-protect-unlovely
Illuminations lichen— Oh!-stars, versing every yellow-yawn-falling old-gold up-again
illustrate long-Time-leftward— on vases-faces, ex-ex's-ecstasy,Yearling's own Ulster
I love-timidity, over-lake-mist viewer entropic, yards of usefulness
I loan out viaducts, Easter’s your-own over-the-top undies
inlets’ languishing otters vivisecting eternity yelling oscillating ungamely-ungameful

I Lillith

I have seen a muzzle of snow, a muzzle of flowers
I lariat o-lo-ha, violin, end-fin.

I locate O—obfuscation-obviate—
&, her love-look, of, completely, home—