Diana Adams

from Weathers

1. Verdigris 

Sea-veined, a new green beneath crisscross
nerves, long legged storms

carry barbs, if you had a horse it would cower.
You choir unaccountably

despite a patina throat. Trees split,
dendritic patches crust

on torso and thigh. Little bluestems
and jewel lichen inch closer, moon.

2. Barnacles

A deck of debris, and a shake
like macaroni.

Whatever’s unstrung you
flips upstream, stronger.

Blood is an iron boat, chug chug,
to the interior city,

the swerve of your view
worming waters,

one hook to pass the time
another to interpret it. 

3. Rust 

Metal’s feathers,

the color witch’s tights,
collapsed sheds,

and scabs. Remnants
of fire and rage.

The Swallower of Shine.
Crystallized disaster,

maniacal particles,
a shifting bed.